Get list of menu items from the specific navigation menu in WordPress

$menuLocations = get_nav_menu_locations(); 
//print_r($menuLocations); //Check All menu Location
$menuID = $menuLocations['custom-footer-menu']; 
$primaryNav = wp_get_nav_menu_items($menuID);
foreach ( $primaryNav as $navItem ) { 
	$menuImg = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $navItem->thumbnail_id, 'full' );
	$menuImgSrc = $menuImg[0];
	echo '<div class="menu-item-wrap '.$navItem->classes[0].'">';
		echo '<div class="menu-item-img"><img src="'.$menuImgSrc.'"></div>';
	echo '<div class="menu-item-content"><a href="'.$navItem->url.'" title="'.$navItem->title.'">'.$navItem->title.'</a>';
		echo '<p class="menu-item-description">'.$navItem->description.'</p>';
	echo '</div></div>';
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